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Bobby Baker Construction

Louisville, MS

Established in 2001, Bobby Baker Construction has a fantastic, highly trained, and motivated staff. We utilize our large fleet of equipment and years of experience to accomplish thorough interior demolition services. If you’re located in the Louisville, MS area, call... more


Burns Dirt Construction

Columbus, MS

Burns Dirt Construction has the team of experts you're looking for to tackle your next demolition or construction project. With cutting-edge technology, we get projects done faster than the competition and with higher quality results. In addition, we strive to... more


ProTree LLC

Sturgis, MS

At Pro Tree LLC, we're prepared to tear down, haul away, and dispose of a wide variety of unwanted structures, like commercial buildings, homes, garages, barns, interiors, and so much more. Get in touch with us today for a free... more

Interior Demolition Tips for Crawford, MS

Demolition Tips for Interior Projects

What steps are involved in bathroom demolition?

Demolishing a bathroom is a common interior demolition project. Depending on how much demolition and remodeling you plan on doing, each bathroom renovation comes with its own individual characteristics. 

However, follow these 5 basic steps if you plan to give your bathroom a full remodel:

  • Step 1: Shut off the electricity and water supply
  • Step 2: Pull out sink(s), vanity, and cabinets
  • Step 3: Remove the toilet
  • Step 4: Tear out the bathtub and/or shower
  • Step 5: Rip out the walls and flooring

Learn more about bathroom demolition: 5 Beyond-Easy Ways to Save on Bathroom Demolition Costs.