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BHR Disposal & Demolition

Serving Maple Grove - Benzie County, MI

Do you need to demolish concrete, clean up debris, or dispose of waste? We are your go-to source for reliable demolition and disposal in Traverse City, MI. We have you covered for projects big and small. Contact us today to ...

Northern Michigan Demolition logo

Northern Michigan Demolition

3389 Railroad Lane, South Boardman MI 49680

Northern Michigan Demolition is a husband and wife owned and operated demolition business that offers a variety of solutions for our customers in the South Boardman, MI area. Our list of services includes concrete removal, interior demolition, and more.


Bradley Sand & Gravel

8540 Indian Hill Rd, Honor MI 49640

Serving the Traverse City, Michigan area, Bradley Sand & Gravel is a local, family-owned and operated company with more than 30 years of experience. We are licensed and certified, performing concrete removal, and much more.


JT Exteriors

857 Duell Rd, Traverse City MI 49686

JT Exteriors is a contractor servicing the Traverse City, MI area that takes great pride in offering a dynamic list of solutions for commercial and residential clients, including concrete removal.


Stanz Dozer Service

8857 S Dunns Farm Rd, Maple City MI 49664

For more than 35 years, Stanz Dozer Service has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Leelanau and Traverse City areas. We are proud to assist in a number of projects, including barn demolition, concrete removal, and more.


Alpers Excavating Inc

16 S West Silver Lake Rd, Traverse City MI 49685

Alpers Excavating Inc is the Traverse City, Michigan area's go-to source for high-quality work that is fairly priced. Our staff is committed to providing total customer satisfaction with our concrete removal services.


Lake Leelanau Excavating Co Inc

222 W Main St, Lake Leelanau MI 49653

Lake Leelanau Excavating Co Inc is located in Lake Leelanau, MI and is proud to serve surrounding areas of Northern Michigan. Our team specializes in providing customers with exceptional service, including house demolition, concrete removal, and more.


R W Popp Excavating Inc

10635 S Center Hwy, Traverse City MI 49684

For more than 15 years, R W Popp Excavating has been serving Northern Michigan in all their demolition and excavation needs. Whether you need a basement dug, a road graded, or septic system installed, they have the tools and trained specialists ...


S Basch & Son Inc

463 West Welch Court, Traverse City MI 49686

In Traverse City and surrounding Northern Michigan communities, S Basch & Son Inc is known for providing reliable, efficient, safe, and fairly-priced concrete removal services. We are efficient in completing projects on schedule and within customers' intended budget.


Teall Excavating Inc

6116 Blue Spruce Trl, Mesick MI 49668

Since 2005, Teall Excavating, Inc. has been providing technically superior services at a reasonable price and in an efficient, courteous manner. We have performed a wide variety of jobs, satisfying hundreds of customers along the way. We offer experience and professionalism ...

Gillison Excavating Inc logo

Gillison Excavating Inc

7704 Cadillac Hwy, Benzonia MI 49616

TNT Enterprise of PGH LLC offers comprehensive demolition and waste disposal services. We are able to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers in the Pittsburgh area with ease. Our services include concrete removal, house demolition, and more.


Molon Excavating Inc

125 Buck Shot Drive, Traverse City MI 49684

Since 1979, Molon Excavating, Inc. has been serving Traverse City and Northwest Michigan communities. We have since grown to provide full-scale demolition services, including concrete removal.


Bonney Bros. Inc.

9238 Worden Rd, Beulah MI 49617

For nearly 40 years later, Bonney Bros. Inc. has been building a reputation for high-quality excavation and demolition services throughout northern Michigan, including house demolition, concrete removal, fence removal, and more.

SVEC Construction logo

SVEC Construction

2748 Garfield Rd N, Traverse City MI 49686

Located in Traverse City, MI and serving nearby areas, SVEC Construction is a locally owned excavation, construction, and demolition company. Our services include comprehensive concrete removal regardless of the size of the project. Reach out to us today to get ...

Concrete Removal Tips for Maple Grove - Benzie County, MI

Tips for Removing Concrete

What is involved with removing concrete?

Demolishing a concrete drivewaypatio, or slab typically involves breaking it up, hauling away the debris, and grading the site. There are several tools that contractors use to break up and remove concrete. When most people think of concrete removal, they generally think of jackhammers, but Bobcats with hydraulic or pneumatic breaker attachments are more common. The contractor will often bring a roll-off dumpster to the site, but don't assume; make sure you confirm this with them. Then, once the concrete is broken, they will load the debris into the dumpster with the Bobcat and then transport the dumpster and debris to the nearest landfill or recycling facility.

How much does concrete driveway removal cost?

According to national averages, demolishing a concrete driveway costs around $1,500 but can reach upwards of $5,000 in certain situations. However, the cost to remove concrete can vary greatly depending on the amount of concrete being removed, local debris disposal fees, permit fees, your particular location, how easy it is to access the site, inspections, etc. You can potentially save money on your concrete removal project by recycling the concrete at a local recycling facility since recycling fees are generally less expensive than those at the landfill.