Chimney Demolition in Rudyard, MI

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Huyck Vern Trucking Inc

Pickford, MI

Huyck Vern Trucking Inc provides a wide range of demolition services in Sault Ste Marie, MI and the surrounding areas. From commercial building and house demolition oil tank and deck removal, our crew does it all. Our crew has... more


Sherlund Excavating

Cedarville, MI

Sherlund Excavating is based in Cedarville, MI and proudly serves the greater St. Ignace area. We perform a variety of residential and commercial services, ranging from chimney removal and barn demolition to excavating, commercial structure demolition, and more. more

Chimney Removal Tips for Rudyard, MI

Tips for Removing Chimneys

How does the chimney removal process work?

Generally speaking, the chimney removal process can be done one brick at a time with a hammer and chisel, or more quickly with a mini-jack or impact hammer. 

  • Partial Chimney Removal: The partial chimney removal process is as simple as removing the chimney stack—the part of the chimney above the roof—until it is flush with the roof. From there, the hole is patched up to resemble the roof as much as possible.
  • Complete Chimney Removal: The complete chimney removal process includes removing the entire chimney stack as well as the chimney breast—the part of the chimney visible within the home. Complete chimney removal results in more than just a hole in your roof that needs to be patched. You may also have a hole in the floor or in the wall that needs to be patched, too.

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