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Bayou Rapides Corporation

Alexandria, LA

Serving central Louisiana, Bayou Rapides Corporation is a general contracting and demolition firm founded in 2003. Our team believes that quality house demo is the result of careful planning, execution, and attention to detail. more


Site Work Specialist LLC

Alexandria, LA

Site Work Specialist LLC is a one-stop-shop in Alexandria LA for all your house demolition needs! When you choose us, you are choosing quality, efficiency, and consistency that is unmatched by any other company in the industry. more


Locked in Construction

Boyce, LA

If you're in need of demolition services in Boyce, LA or the surrounding areas, call Locked in Construction! We offer a wide range of services including garage demolition, house demolition, interior demolition, commercial demolition, chimney removal, and much more. Reach... more


Mark Emmett Suttles

Boyce, LA

Mark Emmett Suttles offers a wide range of demolition services to residential customers. We are committed to achieving superior results for our clients through meticulous workmanship and responsive customer service. We provide technically superior house demo services at a reasonable... more


Carlisle Charles LLC

Pineville, LA

Carlisle Charles LLC performs a variety of demolition services throughout the Alexandria, Louisiana area, including house demolition. Our mission is to provide an exceptional level of service—one that customers have come to count on from us. more

House and Garage Demolition Tips for Glenmora, LA

Tips for House & Garage Removal

Should I deconstruct or demolish my home/garage?

Many people are unaware of the ability to deconstruct a home or garage. Commonly referred to as "green demolition" or "demolition by hand," deconstruction is a demolition method in which all salvageable building materials and pieces of the home are recovered and reused or sold to others for reuse. Even more, people don't realize how affordable deconstruction can be in the long run. The upfront cost may be more expensive considering its laborious, time-consuming nature, but the amount recouped from the salvaged materials can offset much (if not all) of the costs in some cases.

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