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Ronnie Diehl Construction

521 Bishop St, Salina KS 67401

Ronnie Diehl Construction serves Salina, KS and nearby communities with a plethora of demolition services, including comprehensive chimney removal. We have the tools and experience to perform precise chimney removals that will leave your roof leak-free and secure. Contact us today to learn more! 

Chimney Removal Tips for Abilene, KS

Tips for Chimney Removal

Understanding Chimney Removal Basics

Most chimneys are independently supported and aren't structural to the roof or walls, but it isn't rare for chimneys to be centrally located in the home or stretch from the foundation and through multiple stories. In some situations, ties are used to connect the chimney to parts of the home's framing. When considering a chimney removal and when discussing quotes with chimney removal contractors, it's important to know how your chimney is installed. Find out more: