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Ronnie Diehl Construction

521 Bishop St, Salina KS 67401

Ronnie Diehl Construction serves Salina, KS and nearby communities. We specialize in interior demolition, general construction, and much more. Our team performs every interior demolition project with a sense of duty and craftsmanship regardless of the size of the job. Contact us today to learn more!

Diehls Trucking Service Inc

13996 W Armstrong Rd, Brookville KS 67425

Diehls Trucking Service Inc. has a team of highly trained professionals who will safely demolish your condemned or unwanted buildings, interiors, and houses. We'll make sure that all permits that are required by your city or county are acquired on your behalf. 

Interior Demolition Tips for Abilene, KS

Tips for Interior Demolition

When most people think of interior demolition, they imagine a sledgehammer breaking through a wall or ripping out paneling; but there's more to it than that. So while you may be tempted to tackle and interior demolition project yourself, there are some aspects of the job that you will definitely want to leave to an expert. Interior Demolition You Can DIY:
  • Removing a non-load-bearing wall without electrical/plumbing
  • Removing an old bathroom vanity
  • Removing kitchen cabinets
Interior Demolition You Shouldn't DIY:
  • Removing anything if asbestos is present
  • Removing a load-bearing wall
  • Removing a non-load-bearing wall if you're unsure of electrical/plumbing
  • Removing appliances hooked up to electricity or plumbing (unless you have experience doing so)