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M & S Dirtworks

Breda, IA

M & S Dirtworks is based in Breda, Iowa and proudly serves surrounding communities. We work hard to provide each of our customers with high-quality demolition services, like concrete removal, commercial demolition, and more. more


Schmitt Construction

Wall Lake, IA

Schmitt Construction is your trusted source for quality excavation, demolition, and construction services in the greater Wall Lake community. Our top-grade equipment and knowledgeable staff work hand in hand to provide exceptional results.  more

Concrete Removal Tips for Vail, IA

Tips for Removing Concrete

What is involved with removing concrete?

Demolishing a concrete drivewaypatio, or slab typically involves breaking it up, hauling away the debris, and grading the site. There are several tools that contractors use to break up and remove concrete. When most people think of concrete removal, they generally think of jackhammers, but Bobcats with hydraulic or pneumatic breaker attachments are more common. The contractor will often bring a roll-off dumpster to the site, but don't assume; make sure you confirm this with them. Then, once the concrete is broken, they will load the debris into the dumpster with the Bobcat and then transport the dumpster and debris to the nearest landfill or recycling facility.

How much does concrete driveway removal cost?

According to national averages, demolishing a concrete driveway costs around $1,500 but can reach upwards of $5,000 in certain situations. However, the cost to remove concrete can vary greatly depending on the amount of concrete being removed, local debris disposal fees, permit fees, your particular location, how easy it is to access the site, inspections, etc. You can potentially save money on your concrete removal project by recycling the concrete at a local recycling facility since recycling fees are generally less expensive than those at the landfill.