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Nieman Excavating, LLC

Kanawha, IA

Choosing Nieman Excavating, LLC means partnering with one of the top industry contractors who will deliver a personalized, seamless commercial demolition experience from start to finish! more


Navratil Excavating, Inc.

Mason City, IA

Navratil Excavating, Inc. is a family-owned business serving North Iowa since 1976. Our skilled workforce and specialized equipment are designed to provide safe, cost-effective commercial demolition in a timely and professional manner. more


G & S Drainage And Excavating

Blue Earth, MN

G & S Drainage and Excavating is leading the way when it comes to excavating, demolition, and drainage services. Our team is dependable, and we're there for you when you need us, offering barn demolition, commercial demolition, and more. more


Charlson Excavating Co Inc

Clear Lake, IA

Since 1984, our experienced team of specialists has been working hard to meet the needs of our customers, no matter the size of their commercial demolition project. We specialize in all types of excavation, including grading and utility services for commercial ... more


Dulas Excavating Inc.

Wells, MN

At Dulas Excavating Inc., the cornerstone of our business has always been to consider the needs of our clients and the demands of the project first. If you're in need of commercial demolition services in the greater Blue Earth, MN... more

Commercial Demolition Tips for Winnebago County, IA

Commercial Demolition Tips

What does commercial demolition involve?

Commercial demolition involves the demolition or dismantlement of commercial properties. Commercial properties include buildings like factories, offices, stores, hotels, churches, jails, warehouses, etc. Although commercial structures can be demolished or deconstructed like residential structures, it requires much more caution and scrutiny than residential demolition.

How do I choose the right commercial demolition expert?

Commercial building demolition via explosion and/or implosion is the most efficient of all the various commercial demolition methods. But due to the various public health risks that go along with these explosions—like air quality concerns and airborne debris—this method is only suitable when demolition or deconstruction are not viable options. Due to the precision and skill required to accurately and safely execute an explosive/implosive demolition, it is imperative that you hire an experienced contractor. They will be able to accurately calculate and control the explosion to ensure the commercial structure comes down quickly and precisely.