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MD Construction Inc

1322 HWY E-27, Garwin IA 50632

Serving Tama, Iowa and surrounding communities, MD Construction Inc specializes in providing top-of-the-line demolition services, as well as many others. We perform commercial demolition, chimney removal, and so much more.

Norm Rozendaal Tiling & Septic

2064 Republic Ave W, Monroe IA 50170

Norm Rozendaal Tiling has been installing and servicing farm field tile and septic systems for nearly four decades. Norm and Tim are also Certified Time of Transfer Inspectors by the state of Iowa. We can help with many facets of new ...

Dave's Dozing & Excavating

10760 NE 82nd Ave, Mitchellville IA 50169

Dave's Dozing & Excavating's work includes demolition of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in concrete removal, including slabs, footings, block, or poured walls. However, we also perform total demolitions, including barns, commercial structures, houses, and more.

Lanphier Excavating

10219 E 40th St S, Reasnor IA 50232

Lanphier Excavating provides the Newton, Iowa area with impeccable services and workmanship. Residential and commercial customers in our community count on us to complete their demolition and excavating projects in a safe and reliable manner.

Ricken Tiling Inc

2802 Hart Ave, Melbourne IA 50162

Ricken Tiling is committed to excellence, and we serve the Marshalltown, Iowa community using the best tools available. We provide residential and commercial demolition services, including barn demolition, house demolition, and more.

RW Excavating & Dozing

13293 S 88th Ave W,, Prairie City IA 50228

When it comes to commercial demolition services in the Newton, Iowa area, RW Excavating & Dozing is the company to call. We set ourselves above the rest with our attention to detail, customer-oriented service, and honest prices.

Shadden Dozing & Excavating

1908 Highway E69, Tama IA 52339

Serving all of Tama, IA and nearby areas, Shadden Dozing & Excavating is dependable, efficient, and experienced in all things demolition and excavating. Their team is capable of completing projects of all shapes and sizes.

Commercial Demolition Tips for Laurel, IA

Tips for Demolishing Commercial Buildings

What are commercial demolition requirements?

The Clean Air Act requires that the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulations be followed during the demolition or renovation of a commercial building.

These regulations include:

  • The building owner/operator must notify the necessary state department(s) before any building that could possibly contain asbestos is demolished.
  • Particular operations are prohibited from releasing visible emissions into the air.
  • Proper air cleaning and hazardous waste removal procedures must be followed.

Under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, any contractor, worker, inspector, or otherwise that works with asbestos-containing building materials in a commercial building must be accredited by a training program, like the EPA Model Accreditation Plan (MAP).

Your state and local agencies may require more stringent standards than those required by the federal government, so be sure to determine your city and state's demolition and asbestos requirements.

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