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Robert G Thompson Trucking

201 150th Ave, Kirkwood IL 61447

Robert G Thompson Trucking provides top-quality demolition, wrecking, and hauling services to the greater Kirkwood community. From large commercial renovations to small residential projects, we're your trusted source for exceptional results.  We draw on our wealth of experience to ...


Chat Ltd

135 S Chestnut St, Good Hope IL 61438

Chat Ltd offers a variety of demolition and excavationg services to help customers achieve the property of their dreams. We are the company customers turn to when they need high-quality chimney removal services for a fair price.

Chimney Removal Tips for Abingdon, IL

Tips for Concrete Demolition Projects

How much does chimney removal cost on average?

On average, it costs roughly $2,000-$4,000 to completely remove a chimney.

What affects the cost of chimney removal?

Chimney removal cost depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Type of chimney removal method you choose—full or partial
  • Size of the chimney
  • Materials used to build the chimney
  • Amount of debris
  • Whether or not the chimney is part of the structure
  • Contractor you hire

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