Barn Dismantling and Demolition in Floridatown, FL

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Welt Demolition

1316 E Morano, Pensacola FL 32503

Welt Demolition is a family owned company serving Pensacola, Florida and surrounding communities. Our goal is to tackle your biggest and smallest projects, including pool removal, barn demolition, concrete removal, commercial demolition, and more.

Parker's Renovations LLC

8922 Scenic Hills Drive, Pensacola FL 32514

Parker's Renovations LLC offers a dynamic list of solutions for our residential clients, including concrete removal, home cleanouts, barn demolition, deck removal, and so much more. Contact us today for a free project estimate.

Cantonment Industrial

450 Neal Rd, Cantonment FL 32533

Cantonment Industrial is located in Cantonment, Florida and serves nearby communities. Our crew is experienced in all the work we do, including house and garage demolition, barn demolition, and more.

Maverick Demolition Inc

2355 Summit Blvd, Pensacola FL 32503

Maverick Constractors, Inc. is a site work contractor offering a wide range of excavation and demolition services. We specialize in clearing, grading, and soil stabilization, and also offer barn demolition, concrete removal, and more.

Demolition Pros

2083 Downing Dr, Pensacola FL 32505

Demolition Pros offers cost-effective solutions for construction, demolition, excavation, salvage and facilities maintenance. We have the tools and equipment necessary to remove any size structure including barns, foundations, homes, and buildings. We provide expert barn dismantling services for salvaging old barn wood.

Barn Demolition Tips for Floridatown, FL

Barn Demolition Tips

How Barn Demolition Works

Oftentimes, the barn demolition process involves first tearing out the siding and then cutting small relief notches in the upright timbers. From there, the skeleton of the barn is typically tied to a large truck and pulled down. Once the barn is torn down, the timbers, roof, and other debris are removed. Learn more:

How Barn Deconstruction Works

Barn deconstruction is done by hand rather than excavators or bulldozers, making the process more labor-intensive than demolition. Because of the labor and time involved, deconstruction is more expensive upfront than demolition. However, the barn wood salvaged from deconstruction can then be reused or resold to offset the cost of deconstruction. Keep reading: