Commercial Building Demolition in Sanford, CO

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Weaver's Level Best Septic & Excavation Inc.

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Weaver’s Level Best Septic and Excavation is a family-owned and operated company working hard to serve our community. Our team of experts can complete barn demolition, commercial demolition, and so much more.

Cooley & Sons Excavating Inc

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Cooley & Sons Excavating Inc is based in Mosca, Colorado and proudly serves the greater Alamosa area. We specialize in comprehensive demolition services, including barn demolition, commercial demolition, and more.

Commercial Demolition Tips for Sanford, CO

Commercial Demolition Project Tips

How do I estimate my commercial demolition cost?

The most important factor affecting your commercial demolition cost is the size of the structure.

If you don't know your square footage off the top of your head, use a measuring tape or laser measure to find the length and width of the room. Then, multiply them together to determine the total square footage.

Once you know your square footage, you'll be able to roughly estimate the cost to demolish the structure.

According to real-life projects, the average cost per square foot of commercial demolition is $3-$7. This would mean that a 2,000 square foot commercial building would cost somewhere between $6,000 and $14,000.

Your location, whether or not hazardous materials are present, the amount of debris, and more will determine whether your cost is on the low or high end of this average.