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Barger Excavating

Ward, AR

Barger Excavating is a family-owned and operating company serving Lonoke County and surrounding communities in the greater Little Rock area. Our goal is to exceed customers' expectations in every aspect of our residential demolition services. more

D&D Demo & Junk Removal LLC logo

D&D Demo & Junk Removal LLC

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Jacksonville, AR

D&D Demo Junk Removal LLC has been doing residential demolition all over the state of Florida for years and are happy to now call Arkansas our new home. If you're looking for fast, clean, and proper demolition, contact us... more


Junk-Ease LLC

Searcy, AR

Junk-Ease LLC specializes in providing demolition services for property and asset management companies. We offer a stunning variety of services for all kinds of customers, including concrete removal, shed demolition, deck removal, fence removal, interior demolition, and more. Reach out... more

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Griffithville, AR

Tips for Deck & Fence Removal

What steps should I take before tearing down my fence?

Double check your property lines to confirm that none of the fence is on your neighbor's property. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as "fence etiquette," so it's important to ensure the fence in question is 100% yours to remove. If the fence is yours, then it's safe to go ahead and proceed with the fence removal as you see fit.

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