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Nelson Digging Service

301 S Mohave Ave, Parker AZ 85344

Founded in 1967, Nelson Digging Services, LLC is a second-generation business. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our exceptional digging and demolition services, including chimney removal, house demo, and more.

Chimney Removal Tips for Parker, AZ

Tips for Chimney Demolition

Complete chimney removals cost $2,000-$4,000 on average. The cost of chimney removal includes removing the chimney stack and the chimney breast, as well as rectifying the resulting space. Because chimney removal involves filling in the new hole in your home, costs can vary quite a bit. The price to remove your chimney could be more or less depending on:
  • Size and complexity of your chimney
  • Materials used to build it
  • Who you hire to remove it
If you have a bolt-on style chimney attached to the face of the house, it will cost less to remove than a chimney located inside your home. If your chimney is part of the structural framing of the house, you should expect the removal to cost more in order to make the necessary framing adjustments. Learn more: