Barn Dismantling and Demolition in Suffern, NY

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Barn Demolition Tips for Suffern, NY

Barn Demolition Tips

How much does barn removal cost?

On average, barn demolition costs $5,000-$6,000 for a 30 ft x 40 ft post-and-beam barn. This average cost includes mechanical demolition and debris disposal. However, the cost to tear down a barn depends on a number of factors:

  • Method of removal—demolition or deconstruction
  • Size of the barn
  • Materials used to build the barn
  • Accessibility of the barn
  • Amount of debris—non-salvageable and salvageable
  • Location of the barn
  • Who you hire

Is there value in old barn wood?

Many barns were built decades in the past—sometimes more than 100 years—and contain valuable old-growth timbers, like columns, siding, and wood beams. This wood can be salvaged and used in constructing new barns, building one-of-a-kind furniture, flooring or siding, and much more.

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