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145 Auckland Dr, Newark DE 19702

Vincer Homes LLC serves the Wilmington, DE area, providing exceptional demolition and junk removal services to residential clients. We specialize in providing customer-focused services, including deck and fence removal.

Backhoe Services and More, LLC

1 verified review
351 Union Church Rd, Elkton MD 21921

Backhoe Services and More LLC is a residential demolition and excavation contractor. We are licensed and ready to help you with your next project, whether that be pool removals, shed and porch demolition, lot clearing, or any other residential service.

WilMo Homes

WilMo Homes

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130 Quimby Rd, West Grove PA 19390

Wilmo Homes is a fully licensed and insured contractor that provides professional residential demolition services. Our clients can be certain that their project will be completed on time and within the budget determined. For quick and easy shed demolition, pool removal, or patio demo, call Wilmo.

Serving Wilmington, DE

Fratello & Amico are demolition and deconstruction experts. Our residential demolition service allows us to safely demolish and remove structures and equipment of all types. We can also provide excavation, restoration of underground storage tanks, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional services!

300 7th Ave, Wilmington DE 19805

Casale has the knowledge, experience, and resources to complete all types of residential demolition projects. We can confidently remove swimming pools, old barns, interior sections, and much more!

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Tips for Removing Decks and Fences

On average, fence removal costs $1 - $2.50 per foot of fence, but this number can reach as high as $10 - $12 per foot. The cost to remove your fence will depend on how much fencing there is and the type of fence you have.

It typically costs roughly $150 - $600 to have a deck removed by professionals. Your exact deck removal cost will vary by the size of the deck, how easy it is to access, and what the deck is made of.

Of course, the contractor you hire will also play into cost. However, when hiring a professional to remove your fence, don't make your decision based on price alone. You should also consider the company's reputation, their customer service, flexibility in accommodating your time schedule, and other factors that are important to you.

Recently Requested Projects

Project: Shed Demolition
Location: Wilmington, DE 19809
8’x8’ basic wooden garden shed, 7’ side walls, 8’ peak
Project: Demolish and Remove a Fence
Location: Wilmington, DE 19808
I need a five-foot chain link fence removed
Project: Remove a Shed, Gazebo, or Carport
Location: Wilmington, DE 19810
Project: Demolish and Remove a Fence
Location: Wilmington, DE 19803
Demo, break down and remove residential back yard fence.
Project: Remove a Shed, Gazebo, or Carport
Location: Wilmington, DE 19808
We have a backyard shed made of wood that measures 10’ x 12’, no floor that we would like to have demolished and removed
Project: Remove a Wood Deck
Location: Wilmington, DE 19810
I'm looking to have a 20' x18' deck removed and hauled away
Project: Deck Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE 19810
I need a 20'x18' deck removed and hauled away along with some debris under the deck that was under the deck when we bought the house last year

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