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Design Contracting Incorporated was established in 1977 and is a recognized leader in the demolition industry. They provide expertise with a wide range of total and selective demolition services, including pool removal, tank removal, site prep, and more.

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Simon the Plowman is a family-owned and operated company offering a wide range of services, including oil tank removal. We strive to provide our customers with outstanding workmanship and customer service.

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Why should I remove my oil tank?

Oil tanks, especially underground storage tanks (USTs), are an environmental danger and health hazard due to the high risk of leaks happening. Because of this high risk, oil spills from UST leaks are considered today's greatest threat to groundwater in the United States.

Even if a leak seems small and non-threatening, it could present an extreme threat to the environment and public health if left unhandled, ranging from contaminated drinking water and indoor water pollution to contaminated soil and water bodies.

Removing your oil storage tank is the only way to guarantee leaks don't happen.

Recently Requested Projects

Project: Fuel Tank Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE 19803
No exterior door to basement to get it out. Very low level of oil in the tank. Not much furniture or barriers to removal other than getting up the stairs. Has rust on bottom causing a slow leak.
Project: Fuel Tank Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE 19804
Need an above ground oil tank removed from this property. A replacement isn't required
Project: Above or Underground Storage Tank Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE 19808
Project: Oil Tank Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE 19802
I have an oil tank in my basement about 1/16 full it is a 275 gallon oil tank and will need to be cut up to be removed for there is no exterior door. I need a boiler removed that is from about 1925 It is also going to need to be cut up.
Project: Heating Oil Tank Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE 19802
Oil tank under ground front porch
Project: Fuel Tank Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE 19808
Need two oil tanks removed they are located in the basement their is a door that Leads to the outside no more then 5 feet away the door opening is bigger then the oil tanks.
Project: Heating Oil Tank Removal
Location: Wilmington, DE
Old empty oil tank from Basement with outside access

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