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MCB Farms and Excavating

Chase City, VA

For more than 35 years, MCB Farms and Excavating has been serving residential and commercial clients in Chase City, VA and nearby cities. We are experts in demolition, including house demolition, concrete removal, and more. more


Bobcat Vinnie

(2) -
Wake Forest, NC

Located in Wake Forest, North Carolina and serving the Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest greater area proudly, Bobcat Vinnie specializes in Bobcat work and pool demolition. They also offer other services as well, including landscaping, hardscaping, and more. more


Biggs Construction Company, Inc.

Lacrosse, VA

Located in La Crosse, Virginia and serving the South Hill area, Biggs Construction Company, Inc. specializes in various construction, demolition, and excavating services. We take pride in serving our community. more


A & H Heating & Cooling

Semora, NC

For more than 20 years, A & H Heating & Cooling has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Semora and greater Raleigh, NC area. Their services range from air conditioning and heating to plumbing and light demolition. more


Smiley's Construction LLC

South Hill, VA

Located in South Hill, Virginia, Smiley's Construction performs demolition, excavating, grading, construction, and more. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the best solution for residential and commercial projects. more


Barker J A Construction Inc

South Hill, VA

Our demolition contractors are experts in home building construction, demolition, concrete and pool removals, excavation, as well as other services. We are based in South Hill and work hard to improve the lives of our fellow community members. more


Price J R Construction

Chase City, VA

Our team of demolition contractors work tirelessly to deliver exceptional results to all our customers. From large-scale renovations to small excavations, we've got you covered! more


Myriad Transport & Environmental, Inc.

Halifax, VA

Myriad Transport & Environmental, Inc. is a freight shipping trucking company based out of the South Boston, VA area that also offers residential services, including demolition.  more


Red Oak Excavating

Red Oak, VA

With state-of-the-art equipment and a full-service demolition team, we are prepared to tear down and haul away a wide variety of structures and interiors. Speak with a crew member today to schedule a free consultation. more

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How much does interior demolition cost?

On average, interior demolition costs around $4,000, but it can cost anywhere from $500-$12,000. The size and complexity of the project, whether or not plumbing or electrical work is involved, whether or not load-bearing walls will be moved, and whether or not hazardous materials, like asbestos, are present will affect the overall cost.


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