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2 Guys 1 Truck

Grants Pass, OR

With a passion for keeping our community clean and clutter-free, 2 Guys 1 Truck is the go-to choice for fence removal and shed demo services in Grants Pass, OR and the surrounding communities. more


Copeland Sand & Gravel

Grants Pass, OR

At Copeland Sand & Gravel, we offer a full range of demolition and construction services. We take on projects of all size and shape and offer a full range of site work, including shed, deck, and fence removal, among others. more

Daniel Excavating LLC logo

Daniel Excavating LLC

(1) -
Williams, OR
  • House Demolition
  • Interior Demolition
  • Sheds and Garges
  • Friendly service
  • Over 40 years of experience

Daniel Excavating LLC is located in Eagle Point, Oregon and serves surrounding areas. We specialize in providing comprehensive demolition services, including house demolition, shed demolition, deck removal, fence removal, and more. more


Homeland Property Clean Up

Grants Pass, OR

Homeland Property Clean Up provides shed demolition,d deck removal, and fence removal throughout Grants Pass, OR and beyond. We are local, family-owned, and dedicated to offering affordable services to our wonderful community. more


Junk & Haul Operatives

Jacksonville, OR

Junk & Haul Operatives is your on-call crew ready for any and all light demolition and debris hauling projects. We specialize in deck and fence removal, as well as shed demo. Contact us today for a free light demo estimate! more


M & M Services LLC

Medford, OR

M & M Services LLC can handle all aspects of residential demolition work. We can perform asbestos survey and abatement, obtain necessary permits, submit notifications, disconnect utilities, and develop a site-specific safety and work plan. We can perform deconstruction before demolition... more

Rogue Demolition and Removal LLC logo

Rogue Demolition and Removal LLC

Grants Pass, OR

Rogue Demolition and Removal LLC specializes in high-quality demolition services of all shapes and sizes, like deck removal, fence removal, and shed demolition. The consistent customer service we provide consistently results in repeat business with a 100% retention rate. Contact us... more


Western States Environmental

Medford, OR

Western States Environmental goes above and beyond for each and every one of our customers. Our goal is to make the residential demolition and hazardous waste process as stress-free as possible for each of our customers. more


Williams & Clan Specialty Contractors

Wilderville, OR

Williams & Clan Specialty Contractors serves Wilderville, Oregon and nearby cities. We specialize in residential demolition services, including barn demolition, concrete removal, house demolition, and more. more

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Williams, OR

Tips for Deck & Fence Removal Projects

How long does deck removal take?

On average, deck removal costs between $150-$600 and takes between 2-8 hours to complete.

The exact cost and timeline of your deck removal will depend on the type of deck you have (wood, vinyl, etc.), how easy it is to access it with heavy equipment, and the contractor you hire.

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