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Parker Concrete

Forest Grove, OR

At Parker Concrete, the goal is always the same whether we are working with a homeowner or commercial builder. To provide our clients with exceptional service, on time project completion and a high quality finished product. We have a built... more


Jones Excavating

Hebo, OR

Jones Excavating goes above and beyond for each and every client we work with to ensure that their project is completed to their satisfaction. Our experienced and dynamic team is able to accomplish a variety of jobs, including residential demolition. more

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Tillamook, OR

Deck & Fence Demolition Tips

What factors affect the cost of fence removal?

Your fence removal cost will depend on:

  • Type of fence you have (wood, vinyl, chain-link, etc.)
  • Size/length of your fence
  • Contractor you hire for the removal

On average, for every foot of fence, it costs $1-$2.50 to remove, but some fences can cost as much as $10-$12 per foot to remove. Check out our Deck Demolition and Fence Demolition Cost Guides to see what people paid for real projects across the country.