Barn Dismantling and Demolition in Kirkpatrick, OR

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Bob Humbert & Son

1560 S Main St A, Milton Freewater OR 97862

Bob Humbert & Son has been in business since 1994, and we are one of the most experienced and capable companies in the area. We're the experts to call when you need demolition, like barn removal, concrete removal, and more.


Rod Anderson Construction Inc

4531 NW A Ave, Pendleton OR 97801

Rod Anderson Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated company performing barn demolition, new building site preparation, underground utilities, road building and maintenance, and more.


Aaron Hadden Excavating LLC

63498 E Birch Creek Rd, Pilot Rock OR 97868

Aaron Hadden Excavating LLC is Pilot Rock, Oregon's go-to source for demolition and excavating services. We have the experience and equipment needed to tackle residential demolition projects, like barn demolition.

Barn Demolition Tips for Kirkpatrick, OR

Barn Removal Tips

Save your barn wood.

Old barn wood is quite valuable in the construction, home furniture, and flooring industries. So, if you have an old barn on your property, you may be sitting on a lot of money. If you're considering demolishing your barn, first determine whether or not the barn is of any value. If it is, consider deconstruction instead, because that barn wood is worth money.

Hire the right contractor.

Once you know which barn removal companies are within a reasonable distance from you, start contacting them. Ask for estimates and details about how they perform the work. Also, ask about timelines. The easiest way to find contractors in your area that perform barn demolition is with the help of Hometown Demolition.

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