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Riley Excavating & Concrete

Libby, MT

Riley Excavating & Concrete is Libby, Montana's premier excavating and demolition contractor. We offer a wide range of services, from house demolition to shed demolition, deck removal, mobile home demolition, and more. more

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Yaak, MT

Tips for Deck & Fence Demolition

What material are most decks and fences made from?

The most common types of fences are wood, chain-link, and vinyl, but there are many other kinds, too, like aluminum, PVC, wrought iron, and even bamboo. The most common types of decks are wood, plastic, and even tiling. The removal process is different for each type, so they will vary in difficulty—and price—to remove. If your deck or fence is located in an area where soil has high clay content or is in a tight, narrow space, then removing it could be a serious pain, and you will more than likely want to ditch the DIY option for a professional.