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Guy on a Tractor

101 Warnow Circle, Wamego KS 66547

If you need light demolition, Guy on a Tractor is here to help! Our crew tears down old decks and fences, demolishes sheds, and removes concrete and pools throughout Wamego, Manhattan, Saint George, Bellevue, and some of the surrounding areas. ...

Blixt offers over 40 years of experience with demolition, construction and excavation. We are locally owned and operated with a reputation as affordable, safe and professional.

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How much does interior demolition cost?

On average, interior demolition costs around $4,000, but it can cost anywhere from $500-$12,000. The size and complexity of the project, whether or not plumbing or electrical work is involved, whether or not load-bearing walls will be moved, and whether or not hazardous materials, like asbestos, are present will affect the overall cost.


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