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Luttrell Backhoe Inc

Flora, IL

Luttrell Backhoe Inc specializes in a variety of excavating, demolition, and Backhoe services. We provide practical, low-cost services for everyday homeowners, businesspeople, and industry leaders. Reach out for a free demolition quote today! more


Munson Construction

Oblong, IL

Munson Construction is a family-owned business offering demolition services throughout Robinson, IL. Since 1982, we've had the skill and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. Anything from residential to commercial demolition—you can count on us. more

Demolition Tips for Dieterich, IL

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In some states, contractors must be licensed, while in other states, they only need to be registered. While similar, they mean different things. Licensing requires contractors to pass exams and meet certain criteria in order to prove competency. Registration does not require the worker to meet criteria or pass exams; it is a written record of the person performing the work. If your contractor is licensed, their license number should be listed on their website, social media, or any type of quote sheet or contractor. If you don't see it, ask for it; your contractor's license number should be readily available. If it isn't, be wary.


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