Swimming Pool Demolition in Bombay Beach, CA

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Primo Construction

665 Marilyn Ave, Brawley CA 92227

Primo Construction & Services is a family-owned construction and demolition company with over 35 years of industry experience. We perform a wide range of demolition services, including house demo, pool removal, mobile home demo, and more.

Emery Landclearing And Grading, Inc.

85-155 Avenue 54, Thermal CA 92274

Since 1976, Emery Landclearing And Grading, Inc. has been proudly serving the Coachella Valley with all of their commercial and residential construction needs. Our long list of comprehensive services includes pool removal, demolition, land clearing, grading, and more.

Pool Removal Tips for Bombay Beach, CA

Tips for Pool Removal

How does complete pool removal work?

First, the swimming pool is drained of all water.

Then, all materials, like concrete, gunite, fiberglass, liner, etc., are removed and hauled away.

The area is then filled and compacted.

If done under the supervision of an engineer, they then perform density testing and submit a final engineer review that declares the area "buildable."

This is the best method for maintaining your home's value. It's like the pool was never there.