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Boncella Excavation

Yreka, CA

Boncella Excavation specializes in providing exceptional demolition, excavation, and land development to residential and commercial customers. Located in Yreka, CA, we have been serving Northern California since 1982. more


Homeland Property Clean Up

Grants Pass, OR

Homeland Property Clean Up provides demolition and junk removal for interior and exterior property projects. Our crew can tear down and haul away fences, decks, sheds, driveways, interiors, and more. more


Junk & Haul Operatives

Jacksonville, OR

Junk & Haul Operatives is your on-call crew ready for any and all light demolition and debris hauling projects. We specialize in concrete and fence removal. Contact us today for a free light demo estimate! more


2 Guys 1 Truck

Grants Pass, OR

With a passion for keeping our community clean and clutter-free, 2 Guys 1 Truck is the go-to choice for light demolition and junk removal services in Grants Pass, OR and the surrounding communities. more

Demolition Tips for Seiad Valley, CA

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Can I save money on my demolition by deconstructing some of it?

When demolishing houses, garages, barns, etc., we recommend a combination of deconstruction and demolition. This involves deconstructing the house first by going through and salvaging any reusable materials and then demolishing the remains with heavy machinery. This is an excellent solution for those looking to complete their project in a way that's affordable, efficient, and environmentally responsible.​