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Alaska Demolition

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Anchorage, AK

We are a full-service demolition contractor that is trusted by the experts. We have a proven record of results and have done work on projects worth up to $3 million, so you know we have the proper experience.We have countless... more


Alaska Hydro-Ax Land Clearing

Anchorage, AK

Alaska Hydro/Ax Land Clearing provides you with highly skilled services across the state of Alaska. Since 1981, we have been offering all types of services, including residential demolition. more


Alaska Concrete Sawing Inc

Anchorage, AK

Alaska Concrete Sawing Inc is the Anchorage, Alaska area's leading provider for fence removal, mobile home demolition, deck removal, and more. Our team is adaptable, able to accomplish whatever you throw at us. more


Cas Excavating & Demolition

Anchorage, AK

Cas Excavating & Demolition is Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding areas' leading source for excavating and demolition services. We are highly experienced in our field and know what it takes to get jobs done promptly, safely, and efficiently.... more


Ramsey & Sons Trucking

Anchorage, AK

Ramsey & Sons Trucking is Alaskan-owned and operated, proudly serving the communities throughout the Anchorage area and beyond. We can demolish sheds, concrete, decks, pools, and more, and we also provide dumpster rental. more


John's Excavating Inc

Anchorage, AK

As an established corporation, John's Excavating Inc is a licensed, bonded, and insured company serving Anchorage since 2005. We have the necessary equipment and experience needed to safely and efficiently handle pool removal and much more. more


Central Environmental Inc

Anchorage, AK

Since 1984, Central Environmental Inc. has been a leader in providing Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding areas with quality construction, demolition, utilities, and environmental services. Our cutting edge equipment, well-trained staff, and comprehensive services have allowed us to complete jobs in some... more

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Anchorage, AK

Fence & Deck Demolition Tips

How can I save money on my deck or fence removal?

When it comes to deck or fence removal, it's possible to save a little money by removing the most easily deconstructed parts yourself. Once you've removed the salvageable, easy-to-get-to materials, you can have a contractor come and remove the more complicated aspects of the deck or fence until it's completely gone.

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