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Alaska Demolition

2817 Rampart Drive, Anchorage AK 99501

When local businesses and industrial leaders need a demolition contract carried out, they turn to the experts at Alaska Demolition. Located in Anchorage and serving the metropolitan area, we provide nothing but the best services and have prior experience ranging ...


Alaska Hydro-Ax Land Clearing

281 East 56th Avenue, Anchorage AK 99519

Alaska Hydro/Ax Land Clearing provides you with highly skilled services across the state of Alaska. Since 1981, we have been offering a wide range of demolition services.


Alaska Concrete Sawing Inc

6831 Debarr Rd, Anchorage AK 99504

Alaska Concrete Sawing Inc is the Anchorage, Alaska area's leading provider for concrete sawing and demolition services. Our team is adaptable, able to accomplish whatever you throw at us.


Cas Excavating & Demolition

6830 Hyatt St, Anchorage AK 99507

Cas Excavating & Demolition is Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding areas' leading source for excavating and demolition services. We are highly experienced in our field and know what it takes to get jobs done promptly, safely, and efficiently.


Ramsey & Sons Trucking

P.O. Box 232806, Anchorage AK 99523

Ramsey & Sons Trucking is Alaskan-owned and operated, proudly serving the communities throughout the Anchorage area and beyond. We can demolish concrete, houses, and more, and we also provide dumpster rental.


John's Excavating Inc

6343 Spruce Meadows Dr, Anchorage AK 99507

As an established corporation, John's Excavating Inc is a licensed, bonded, and insured company serving Anchorage since 2005. We have the necessary equipment and experience needed to safely and efficiently handle nearly any excavating or demolition project.


Central Environmental Inc

311 N Sitka St, Anchorage AK 99501

Central Environmental Inc. offers comprehensive demolition, construction, and design builds to residential, commercial, and industrial locations. They can work in remote locations.

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How much does interior demolition cost?

On average, interior demolition costs around $4,000, but it can cost anywhere from $500-$12,000. The size and complexity of the project, whether or not plumbing or electrical work is involved, whether or not load-bearing walls will be moved, and whether or not hazardous materials, like asbestos, are present will affect the overall cost.


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