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Demolition Tips for Dayton, OH

Tips for Tackling Dayton, OH Demolition Projects

How do I get started with my demolition project?

The first step toward getting your demolition project started is figuring out what you want done, then you'll need to start looking for the right person for the job.

Your demolition contractor can help you make a number of important decisions about your project, especially if there’s something you aren’t sure about.

Your contractor can help you acquire permits, schedule inspections, tear down or remove what you need, and haul it away. However, not all contractors handle the entire process for you, so make sure you clarify this with each contractor you speak with. One company’s price may include more than the next.

Do I need a building permit for my demolition job?

In the city of Dayton, you will need to obtain a wrecking permit prior to completing any demolition job, either residential or commercial.

What else do I need to know about the demolition process in Dayton?

According to the city of Dayton Zoning Code, there are a few other factors that you should keep in mind when demolishing a building or structure inside city limits. For starters, please ensure that:

  • All utility services have been or will be shut off prior to the demolition taking place.
  • Public road access (including all major exits and entrances) will not be blocked. This will avoid unnecessary traffic hazards and congestion if the work is taking place on a major road.
  • No other properties or structures nearby will be damaged during your demolition process.

All exterior lighting is shaded so that harsh light is not cast on any surrounding properties, especially if your project is taking place in a residential area.