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18 Gulfstream Rd, Savannah GA 31408

Clifton Construction, Inc. serves residential and commercial customers throughout Georgia and South Carolina, going above and beyond to give them the exact services they require. They specialize in demolition, construction, land clearing, and more.

Serving Savannah, GA

Established in 1970, Cleland Site Prep, Inc. offers a diverse variety of services to serve their many customers. Their expertise lies in demolition and land clearing, but they also perform earthwork, storm drainage, utilities, paving and concrete, green building, and more.

Southeast Demolition Inc

Southeast Demolition Inc

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1402 Grove Point Rd, Savannah GA 31419

Southeast Demolition Inc is a locally owned and operated company offering a wide range of construction and demolition services.   We have the proper equipment to effectively and safely remove concrete slabs and asphalt structures, including driveways, foundations, sidewalks, retaining walls, and more.

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Tips for Removing Concrete

Demolishing a concrete driveway, patio, or slab typically involves breaking it up, hauling away the debris, and grading the site. There are several tools that contractors use to break up and remove concrete. When most people think of concrete removal, they generally think of jackhammers, but Bobcats with hydraulic or pneumatic breaker attachments are extremely common.

The contractor will often bring a roll-off dumpster to the site, but don't assume; make sure you confirm this with them. Then, once the concrete is broken, they will load the debris into the dumpster with the Bobcat and then transport the dumpster and debris to the nearest landfill or recycling facility.

Recently Requested Projects

Project: Concrete Slab or Wall Demolition
Location: Savannah, GA 31407
remove concrete, debris, and dirt from construction site
Project: Remove a Cement Foundation
Location: Savannah, GA 31401
We would like to take off the front porches (on each side of the townhouse) including the cinder block/cement porch landings.
Project: Remove Dirt, Soil, or Other Fill
Location: Savannah, GA 31401
500 CY waste concrete and augered spoils
Project: Rock, Stone, or Gravel Removal
Location: Savannah, GA 31408
Looking for a company who would be able to do rock removal for a new site
Project: Remove Dirt, Soil, or Other Fill
Location: Savannah, GA 31401
500 CY waste concrete and augered spoils

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