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766 Cottonwood Dr, Loveland CO 80538

Since 1999, Concrete and Excavating, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company specializing in concrete and excavation services. We work with both residential and commercial clients, performing concrete removal, interior demolition, and more.

NWP Demolition and Deconstruction

NWP Demolition & Deconstruction

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1941 Heath Parkway Unit 5, Fort Collins CO 80524

Founded in 1998, NWP Demolition and Deconstruction has the experience and knowledge you look for in a reputable local contractor. We offer a full suite of interior demolition services, including green demolitions of kitchens and bathrooms, commercial strip outs, and more.

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The philosophy at Crall Companies is to "Do It Right." Their workmanship and attention to detail supercedes their clients' expectations. They are a family business that has the experience necessary to take on residential and commercial demolition projects of all shapes and sizes.

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Interior demolition cost is as varying as any other demolition project. How big and complex the project is, whether or not asbestos is present—these are just a couple of the things that can affect project cost. However, most people pay somewhere between $500 and $4,000, with some projects reaching $12,000 or more.

Recently Requested Projects

Project: Commercial Interior Demolition
Location: Fort Collins, CO 80525
Remove interior walls and flooring starting in April
Project: Commercial Interior Demolition
Location: Fort Collins, CO 80525
Tear out ceramic tile
Project: Demolish Interior Walls, Floors, or Ceiling
Location: Fort Collins, CO 80525
Need to demo my kitchen, tear out soughets, flooring, cabinets, countertop, sink, and counter top in a bathroom
Project: Commercial Interior Demolition
Location: Fort Collins, CO 80525
Will be vacating the building in the May time frame. Need Walls taken out, tile & carpet taken out, patch and paint walls.
Project: Remove Inside Walls, Fixtures, and Appliances
Location: Fort Collins, CO 80524
interior salvage & demo for 900 sq ft apartment remodeling project - 42 ft of walls, 2 closets, 1 single sink vanity, 15 ft kitchen counter top (w/sink) and cabinetry.
Project: Commercial Interior Demolition
Location: Fort Collins, CO 80525
Selective interior demolition of some non load bearing walls, doors and frames, 1 core drill for plumbing waste line.

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