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Teter Excavating LLC

Elkins, WV

At Teter Excavating LLC, we are experienced in all that we do, so you can trust that your project will be done right. We have the experience needed to complete all types of demolition jobs throughout the Elkins, WV area,... more


Ayers Excavating LLC

Elkins, WV

Ayers Excavating LLC is a licensed & insured general contractor providing a wide range of residential and commercial demolition services throughout Elkins, WV and the surrounding communities, including mobile home demo. Contact us today to learn more! more


Reclaim Company, LLC

Fairmont, WV

Reclaim Company's ability to provide all aspects of both structural and selective demolition services is what sets us apart in the industry. When we're involved, your mobile home demolition project will run smoothly, cost-effectively, and on schedule. more

Mobile Home Demolition Tips for Weston, WV

Tips for Removing Mobile Homes

How much does mobile home removal cost?

to national averages, it generally costs roughly $3.50 per square foot to remove a mobile home. So, a 20 ft x 40 ft mobile home would cost around $2,800 to remove. The exact price of your mobile home will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your mobile home, where it's located, how much is inside the home, the type of roof on the mobile home, etc. If you are willing and able, you could save some money on demolition or deconstruction by doing some of the more minor, superficial work yourself. There's often a lot of recycled metal inside a mobile home, which could be worth a decent chunk of change. This could help save you money on your mobile home removal.