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Ceaser Landscaping & Construction LLC

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Vinton, LA

Since 1990, Ceaser Landscaping & Construction, LLC has been serving the community. Specializing in excavation and demolition, we can tear down barns, concrete, interiors, sheds, decks, and so much more. more


Lombardo's Bonded Tree Service

Beaumont, TX

Since 1963, Lombardo’s Tree Service has been serving Southeast Texas with all their excavation, demolition, and tree service needs. Our commitment to our customers and drive for quality has earned Lombardo’s one of the best reputations in the area.... more


K A T Excavation & Construction Inc

Sour Lake, TX

KAT Excavation & Construction Inc. has the experience and expertise to handle your next project. Whether you need a single load of sand or an entire lot cleared, we have the equipment and manpower to get the job done efficiently.... more


Claybar Construction

Orange, TX

Claybar Construction is a family-run business going on its third generation. We provide commercial and residential site preparation and demolition for the Beaumont & Orange areas with our full fleet of bulldozers, trackhoes, and other top of the line equipment.&... more

Interior Demolition Tips for Silsbee, TX

Tips for Demolishing Interiors

How much does interior demolition cost?

Interior demolition cost is as varying as any other demolition project.

How big and complex the project is, whether or not asbestos is present—these are just a couple of the things that can affect project cost.

However, most people pay somewhere between $500 and $4,000, with some projects reaching $12,000 or more.