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BTD Enterprise, LLC

Rapid City, SD

BTD Enterprise, LLC has been providing quality mobile home demolition services for our clients in Rapid City and the Black Hills area of South Daktota for over a decade. Reach out today for a free quote! more


Black River Contracting

Rapid City, SD

Black River Contracting provides mobile home demolition services for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. We set ourselves above the rest with our attention to detail, customer-oriented service, and honest prices. more


Johner and Sons

Spearfish, SD

Johner & Sons has been serving Spearfish, SD and nearby communities for decades. They provide all kinds of services, ranging from demolition to excavating, grading, equipment rental, sand and gravel, landscaping, and more. more


Mainline Contracting

Rapid City, SD

With more than 125 years of experience, Mainline Contracting knows what it takes to complete demolition and utility construction projects throughout the Rapid City and Black Hills area, including mobile home demolition. more


Olson Excavating Inc

Rapid City, SD

Founded more than 35 years ago in Rapid City, South Dakota, Olson Excavating, Inc. has earned a reputation for providing reliable, high-quality excavation and demolition services for residential and commercial customers. We perform a wide range of commercial and residential demolition... more


R.C.S. Construction Inc

Rapid City, SD

R.C.S. Construction Inc, you can count on us to deliver excellence at every stage of your mobile home demolition project, from proposal through completion. Whether you need interior or structural demo, our crew can get it done! more


Rapid Junk Relief

Rapid City, SD

Rapid Junk Relief is the go-to junk removal and demolition company in the Black Hills. Based in Rapid City, South Dakota and serving the surrounding area, Rapid Junk Relief provides a simple solution for demolition and junk removal needs. Call... more

Mobile Home Demolition Tips for Blucksberg Mountain, SD

Tips for Demolishing Mobile Homes

How does mobile home demolition work?

Mechanical mobile home demolition is straightforward—it is torn down using heavy machinery, like an excavator. From there, the debris from the mobile home is loaded into a dumpster or trailer truck and hauled away to the nearest landfill or recycling facility. Before demolition can begin, however, you must obtain a permit. Oftentimes, your demolition contractor will handle this process for you, but make sure you confirm this with them.