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673 N Seneca St, Oil City PA 16301

Bert Klapec, Inc focuses mainly on excavation, land clearing, grading, debris removal, and property reclamation. We are a registered HIC and fully insured in the State of Pennsylvania. 

Serving Oil City, PA

Greenawalt Excavating has been a family owned and operated business for the past 15 years and is the right choice for your next demolition or exaction project. We have a highly capable staff and a proven record of providing premium services with a smile. We work hard to keep our projects on-time and on-budget and will get your project done right the first time.

Serving Oil City, PA

Strange Corporation is a family owned and operated business equipped to handle a diverse range of projects, including concrete wrecking, total demolition, light commercial work, and more.

269 State Route 8, Oil City PA 16301

Macon Everything Possible, Inc. is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing timely and efficient demolition services of the highest quality. We specialize in residential demolition, large cleanouts, and more.

Serving Oil City, PA

Mealy Excavating & Construction Inc. serves Tionesta, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. They specialize in excavation and construction services, like lot clearing, landfill construction, hauling, and more.

Serving Oil City, PA

At Delta Contractors and Design, communication is of the utmost importance to us, just as it is to you. Reliable and trustworthy, we know what it takes to complete projects of all shapes and sizes while keeping our prices competitive and affordable.

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The first step toward getting your demolition project handled properly is getting your home inspected. Next, you'll need to collect all the necessary permits. Most likely, your demolition contractor will handle the permitting process, but this isn't always the case, so be sure you confirm this with them. After the inspection and permits have been posted, it's time for the demolition process to begin. This will vary by which demolition project you're tackling. For example, house demolition will take longer than concrete removal and will be more involved.

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Location: Oil City, PA 16301
My grandmother's two-story concrete block home approximately 60 years old has been vacant for 23 years and needs partially (if not completely) demolished. It is an old-fashioned barn shaped structure with the exterior walls constructed from concrete blocks as far as I know. The main interior first floor of the home is possibly on a concrete slab, there is no basement under the main house. The only source of heat was a wall-mounted heater in the living room, there are no furnace ducts or baseboard heat as is seen in a typical newer home. A bathroom with a small basement underneath approx 10' X 10' was added on to the concrete structure with wooden walls on one end of the house. The bathroom was heated by a small gas heater on the floor originally, then changed to a small wall-mounted electric heater. The hot water tank and gas lines resided in the tiny basement and also ran to the gas stove in the kitchen. The bathroom roof and walls are rotted out and collapsed inward. Status of bathroom floor over basement area is unknown. Probably collapsed as well if I had to guess. A front porch roof over a concrete pad approximately 10' X 15' exists on the other end of the house, and finally collapsed last month from rot. A side porch area with wooden walls and roof was built to house a washer and dryer on a concrete slab. One of those appliances is still there. There is black mold visible on the inside walls of this side porch area. Inside status of the house as far as wood rot and mold is unknown, I will not allow anyone inside for safety concerns until we contact professionals. My father was last inside of it 10 years ago to remove some dead animals and check overall status. He maintained the gas and electric in the home trying to keep everything running, but finally realized it was futile for an empty house. I believe there is probably some furniture and miscellaneous items remaining in the home. Anything of value or that the family wished to have was removed 23 years ago when my grandmother died. I would like to get a professional opinion / quote on at least partial if not full demolition of this old home that sits on what is now my father's property. It is not an immediate health or safety risk to anyone, but the situation does need addressed. There is also a small wooden shed approximately 10' X 10' on the property that may need removed also, but I have no idea what is in it at this time. Trees and branches have fallen all around the shed and the house to make access difficult and unsafe. My father is incapacitated with dementia, but I have full POA. Any insight on how to best approach this clean-up project safely, and provision of price quotes involved would be greatly appreciated.
Location: Oil City, PA 16301
The house is a total lose due to a fire. We want to have it removed and the property filled.

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