Residential Demolition in Nicholson, PA

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JNK Hauling LLC

28 Jefferson St, Duncannon PA 17020

JNK Hauling LLC offers an impressive list of demolition services throughout the greater Duncannon, PA area, including shed demolition, deck removal, and fence removal. Our team of specialists is highly trained to perform the work we provide and we never make an obligation that we can't finish. To get more information and a free demo quote, reach out to us today!

Urash Enterprises Inc

946 Springbrook Ave, Moosic PA 18507

Urash Enterprises Inc offers comprehensive demolition services to the greater Moosic, Pennsylvania area. Our goal is to achieve superior results for our clients through meticulous workmanship, performing deck removal, shed demolition, fence removal, and more.

Suntech Enterprise Inc

655 Keystone Rd, Lake Ariel PA 18436

At Suntech Enterprise, our years of experience and training have prepared us for projects of all shapes, sizes, and complexities. We have performed a wide variety of jobs over the years, including residential demolition.

Pioneer Construction Co

3298 Lake Ariel Hwy, Honesdale PA 18431

Pioneer Construction Co serves the entire Honesdale, PA area. We are dedicated to the protection, safety, and health of our employees. We are committed to providing our customers with the safe, professional demolition services, including deck and fence removal.

JR Runco Blacktop & Concrete Inc

97 Green Briar Dr, Spring Brook Township PA 18444

JR Runco Blacktop & Concrete Inc is a family-owned business in Northeastern PA. Our team utilizes powerful equipment to accomplish all kinds of projects, including barn demolition. 

Shea Industries Inc

1074 Barring Ave, Scranton PA 18508

Shea Industries Inc specializes in complete industrial, commercial, and residential demolition, including fence removal, deck removal, and shed demolition. 

Latona Trucking, Inc.

620 S Main St, Pittston PA 18640

Latona Trucking, Inc. is a family-owned business that serves the Wilkes-Barre, PA area. We offer a multitude of residential services, including deck removal, fence removal, and shed demolition. 

Brdaric Excavating Inc

913 Miller Street, Luzerne PA 18709

Brdaric Excavating Inc offers residential demolition and excavation services. We want you to let us do the dirty work. Our residential demolition services include site cleaning, land grading, and excavation. For unmatched customer service and results-driven performance, contact us today!

Artistic Excavating Inc

615 Marion St, Scranton PA 18509

Located in Dunmore, PA and serving surrounding communities, Artistic Excavating, Inc. serve residential and commercial customers. Our specialties include demolition, land clearing, earth removal, utilities, foundations, snow removal, hauling, dumpster rentals, remodeling, additions, drainage, and more. We work with homeowners, business ...

John Dulsky General Contractors

15 William St, Wilkes Barre PA 18705

Operating out of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, John Dulsky General Contractor offers excavation and demolition services to surrounding areas. We specialize in providing foundation repair, roofing, foundation testing, and other services.

James Depoti

420 Delaware St, Mayfield PA 18433

James Depoti specializes in serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Mayfield, Pennsylvania area. We are experts in excavating and demolition, providing comprehensive services, including shed demolition, deck removal, and more.

Grassie & Sons Inc

10 Mount Cobb Hwy, Lake Ariel PA 18436

Grassie & Sons Inc proudly serves the Honesdale, PA area and surrounding communities. Our team is qualified to deal with the biggest and smallest projects, from shed demolition to mobile home demolition, fence removal, and more.

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Nicholson, PA

Deck & Fence Removal Tips

How are wood fences removed?

  • First, the fence pickets and gates are removed. This is usually as simple as pulling out a few nails and removing the panels one-by-one.
  • Once everything but the posts has been removed, the posts can then be removed.
  • Although it's not required, removing the cement footings from the ground is the final step in the removal process.

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