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Rocky Ridge Excavation

Madras, OR

Rocky Ridge Excavation specializes in site clearing, septic systems, drilling, and demolition. We utilize bobcats, backhoes, and excavators to complete tasks on time and within budget, including house demolition, fence removal, and more. more

House and Garage Demolition Tips for Antelope, OR

Tips for House & Garage Demolition Projects

How can I save money on my house demolition project?

Demolition is a big job, and starting a demo project before you have a clear strategy in mind can lead to significant time and financial strains down the road. If you're interested in saving some money on your house demolition project, there are a number of options to get you moving in that direction. A few include: 1) Deconstruct as much as possible. 2) Invite others to help themselves. 3) Donate your house to the fire department. The basic process of deconstructing a home isn't complicated, and you can salvage as much or as little as you want. But remember: Before you start ripping things out of the wall, shut off all utilities!