Swimming Pool Removal in Putnam, OK

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Griffco Services Inc

Weatherford, OK

At Griffco Services Inc, we know what it takes to complete projects quickly, safely, and affordably. Our team has years of experience in the demolition industry and is highly qualified to provide the work we offer, including pool removal and... more


Belter Construction Co

Clinton, OK

Belter Construction offers top-rate pool removal service to the greater Clinton community. We remove all styles of pools, regardless of their size or location.  more

Pool Removal Tips for Putnam, OK

Pool Removal Tips

Generally speaking, there are 2 ways to get rid of your inground pool: partial removal or complete removal.

Partial Pool Demolition

A partial pool removal is commonly referred to as a 'pool fill in' because it involves breaking off the surface portion of the pool, throwing it in the bottom of the pool, and then backfilling with fill dirt, etc.

This is the fastest and most inexpensive option, but complications could arise, especially if you wish to build on the area or sell your home.

Complete Pool Demolition

A complete pool removal involves breaking up the entire pool, loading the debris into a dumpster or onto a trailer, hauling it away, and then filling and compacting the area with dirt, gravel, etc.

Although this is the more expensive and time-consuming method, it is the best choice for maintaining (or even increasing) your property value.

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