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For over a year, we have been El Paso's trusted source for professional, efficient demolition and removal of residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team has the expertise to safely handle demolition projects large and small throughout El Paso County. ...


DM Demolition, Inc

6460 Mohair Dr, El Paso TX 79934

DM Demolition, Inc offers a wide range of demolition services, from complete demolitions to partial demolition. No job is too big or small! We provide all necessary equipment and planning to get the job done right. Contact us today to ...


RM Demolition

14064 Rainbow Point Dr, El Paso TX 79938

RM Demolition has proudly served El Paso’s residential and commercial communities for over 30 years. As a family-owned and operated business, RM Demolition has grown thanks to the tremendous referrals within our community. Get in touch with us today for ...


Border Demolition & Environmental Inc.

1004 Diesel Drive suite a, El Paso TX 79907

Border Demolition & Environmental Inc. provides quality, cost effective, and efficient turnkey demolition, environmental remediation, and construction services specific to our client’s needs with safety as our main priority. Reach out to us today to learn more or to get ...

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling El Paso TX provides interior demolition services that accommodate both commercial and residential clients, while our structural demolition is perfect for the removal of old decks, fences, sheds, garages, concrete, and more!


Welch Dirt Work

3615 W Picacho Ave, Las Cruces NM 88007

Locally owned and operated, Welch Dirt Work is the Las Cruces Metro area's leading source for paving, dirt work, and demolition services. For more than thirty years, we have been performing shed demolition, fence removal, and more.


Caliper Construction, Inc.

2000 S Valley Dr, Las Cruces NM 88005

Caliper Construction, Inc. is a performance-oriented general contractor specializing in demolition, excavation, site development, and more. We pride ourselves as a bellwether in the industry and use our expertise to help complete our clients' residential demolition jobs, including deck removal, ...


Highland Enterprises Inc

645 S Compress Rd, Las Cruces NM 88005

The people that work and run Highland Enterprises Inc are industry veterans with decades of proven experience. We offer high-quality commercial and residential demolition throughout Las Cruces, NM and surrounding areas, including shed demolition. 


Rhino Environmental Services, Inc.

4601 Hondo Pass, STE K, El Paso TX 79904

Nobody enjoys hazardous materials or oil spills, no matter what the circumstance. We can all agree that situations such as these must be avoided. But when these things inevitably happen—pipeline breaks, tank ruptures, or overspills—Rhino Environmental Services is ...

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Berino, NM

Tips for Deck & Fence Removal

What steps should I take before tearing down my fence?

Double check your property lines to confirm that none of the fence is on your neighbor's property. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as "fence etiquette," so it's important to ensure the fence in question is 100% yours to remove. If the fence is yours, then it's safe to go ahead and proceed with the fence removal as you see fit.

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