Pool Removal in Bonner, MT

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Pooley Excavating Inc.

Missoula, MT

For over 25 years, Pooley Excavating Inc. has been serving Missoula, MT, and surrounding areas. We have an outstanding team of specialists that can accomplish all kinds of projects safely, including pool removal. more


Waste Less Works

Missoula, MT

Waste Less Works is a locally owned deconstruction and selective demolition business dedicated to reducing waste in the built environment. Our goal is to promote sustainable development by offering the best deconstruction services in Western Montana. Get in touch with... more


Switchback Excavation

Missoula, MT

Switchback Excavation is a site work and excavation company based in Missoula, MT. We offer a huge variety of services in commercial and residential development including infrastructure projects, foundations, demolition, and more. Contact us today to get a free pool... more


Scariano Construction

Missoula, MT

At Scariano Construction, our goal is to create timeless spaces and structures that meet our clients’ design goals and exceed their expectations. Just as importantly, we support and inform our clients through the process. Contact us today to get your... more

Pool Removal Tips for Bonner, MT

Tips for Swimming Pool Demolition

Demolishing a swimming pool has many benefits for homeownersWhile it may be nice to swim and relax by the pool, choosing to have it demolished comes with its own set of advantages. For example:

  • You save time and money on swimming pool maintenance.

  • If you sell your house, it may increase the number of potential buyers and make your home easier to sell.

  • You no longer have the additional hazards and liabilities that come with pool ownership.

  • You have more yard space for other activities or landscaping opportunities.

  • If you have young children, removing your pool eliminates any potential safety hazards associated with pool ownership.

If you're curious about the pool removal process, familiarize yourself with the process with The Homeowner's Guide to Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal.