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Kenneths Excavation Dirt & Gravel Work

1101 S Broadway St, Greenville MS 38701

Kenneth’s Excavation Dirt & Gravel Work is a full-service demolition, excavation, and removal company. Based out of Greenville, MS, we can remove old parking lots, strip out interiors, remove underground tanks and pools, and much more for commercial and ...

Pool Removal Tips for Mayersville, MS

Tips for Pool Removal

How does complete pool removal work?

First, the swimming pool is drained of all water. Then, all materials, like concrete, gunite, fiberglass, liner, etc., are removed and hauled away. The area is then filled and compacted. If done under the supervision of an engineer, they then perform density testing and submit a final engineer review that declares the area "buildable." This is the best method for maintaining your home's value. It's like the pool was never there.