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Kenneths Excavation Dirt & Gravel Work

Greenville, MS

Kenneth’s Excavation Dirt & Gravel Work is a full-service demolition, excavation, and removal company. Based out of Greenville, MS, we can remove old parking lots, strip out interiors, remove underground tanks and pools, and much more for commercial and... more


Joe Reed & Co Inc

Cleveland, MS

Joe Reed & Co Inc is an experienced demolition contractor providing dynamic services throughout Cleveland, MS and the surrounding areas. We provide customers with the services they need, like concrete removal, house demolition, and more.  more


Vadan Dumpsters

Cleveland, MS

Vadan Dumpsters offers fair pricing and legendary customer service. Whether you need residential or commercial demolition, we have options to fit your project needs. We make the demolition process as simple and stress-free as possible for you. Reach out today... more

Demolition Tips for Shaw, MS

Tips for Demolition Projects

How can I make sure my contractor is qualified?

In order to perform demolition work, a contractor must have the proper local and state licensing. If you hire a contractor who doesn't have the proper licensing, it could lead to fines, the removal of your project without warning or compensation, and/or an unsafe work environment. However, contractor licensing requirements vary from state-to-state, while some states leave licensing entirely up to cities and counties—so be sure to check with your local building office.


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