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Bougalis & Sons Construction

3402 15th Ave E, Hibbing MN 55746

Family owned and run since 1954, Bougalis and Sons treat each and every customer we have like family. Our large fleet of equipment and trained personnel allow us to successfully and efficiently complete any project we take on. We're experts in ...


Bougalis Construction Inc

800 Greyhound Blvd, Hibbing MN 55746

Looking to tear down that old single-stall garage? Sick of looking at that dilapidated, unused shed? Interested in stripping out the interior of a house? These are just a few of the residential demolition services the team at Bougalis Construction, ...


Mallum Hauling

27722 E Wyss Rd, Bovey MN 55709

Specializing in hauling services, Mallum Hauling provides practical, low-cost residential demolition services. For more than 25 years, we’ve been performing barn tear-downs, concrete and pool removals, and much more. We approach projects with care and respect for you and your ...


Specialty Excavating & Asphalt

1520 NW 4th St, Grand Rapids MN 55744

Serving the greater Grand Rapids area and surrounding West Michigan communities, our team at Specialty Excavating & Asphalt specializes in providing residential and commercial demolition services, including shed demolition, deck removal, fence removal, and more.

Northwoods Excavating and Septic Services employs a team of specialists that are highly trained to perform the wide variety of residential work we provide, like shed demolition, fence removal, deck removal, and more. 

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Keewatin, MN

Tips for Deck & Fence Removal

How are chain-link fences removed?

  • Starting at the end of the fence or with a corner post, the clamps holding the tension bar in place are removed by removing the nuts and bolts and then sliding the clamps up and off the post.
  • The tension bar is then removed by unweaving it from the chain link.
  • The chain link is then cut and rolled up, removing section-by-section until the chain link is completely gone and only the top rail and posts remain.
  • If the top rail is fastened to a 'cap' at the corner or end post, the cap is removed.
  • With the end cap detached, the rail sections can be twisted apart or cut into manageable sections with a reciprocating saw and a metal-cutting blade.
  • Once the top rail is completely removed, the posts and cement footings are dug out of the ground.

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