Swimming Pool Demolition in Bier, MD

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Robert D. Beitzel Excavating

Oakland, MD

Based out of Oakland, Maryland, Robert D. Beitzel Excavating offers a wide range of commercial and residential services delivered at competitive prices. We specialize in concrete, pool and oil tank removals, interior demolition, commercial demolition, and more. more


Spangler Excavating

Bedford, PA

Serving Bedford and surrounding areas since 1996, Spangler Excavating does it all. Limited only by your imagination, our services include (but are not limited to): Pool removal, concrete removal, dumpster rental, land clearing, and more. more


You're Callin' We're Hallin'

Cumberland, MD

My wife and I started this business August 1st, 2018. We started it to help people get rid of that stuff you don’t, won’t, or can’t get rid of. We are not here to judge you on what... more

Pool Removal Tips for Bier, MD

Pool Demolition Tips

Inground Pool Fill-In Process:

  • Drain pool
  • Punch holes in bottom of pool
  • Break up top layer of pool (18 in.-36 in.)
  • Place rubble in bottom of pool
  • Fill pool with additional dirt and topsoil
  • Compact soil

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