Oil Tank Removal in Paton, IA

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Jorgensen Solutions LLC

Paton, IA
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At Jorgensen Solutions, our crew will complete your oil tank removal project start to finish, including obtaining any necessary permits all the way to final cleanup and disposal. Call us today for a free estimate! more


Peterson Construction

Webster City, IA

Peterson Construction is a third generation construction company based in Webster City, Iowa. Founded in 1957, we have been serving the needs of customers throughout Central Iowa ever since. Our team of professionals prides itself in being able to... more


Pleva Mechanical Inc

Woodward, IA

Pleva Mechanical Inc is a mechanical contractor offering oil tank removal services in Woodward, IA and the surrounding areas. Our team of specialists is highly trained to perform the work we provide. Get in touch today for a free quote. more


Russ's Construction

Fort Dodge, IA

Russ's Construction employees a dedicated staff who excel at planning, executing, and accurately removing oil tanks. We utilize the proper technology to safely and cleanly remove old oil storage tanks. more

Tank Removal Tips for Paton, IA

Tips for Tank Removal

What are storage tanks?

Storage tanks are generally used to hold oil on a residential or commercial property. There are two kinds of oil storage tanks: above ground storage tanks and underground storage tanks. An above ground storage tank (AST) and an underground storage tank (UST) are both large containers used to hold oil or fuel, whether for heating or other purposes. Generally, above ground storage tanks are located in the basement, crawl space, or against the back or side of the home, held up by supports. Underground storage tanks are buried underground and were most common between the 1930s and late 1980s.