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H & H Commercial Services

1510 260th St, Diagonal IA 50845

Our team has over 15 years of experience, and our demolition contractors utilize top-tier equipment and industry knowledge to perform a plethora of demolition, excavation, and hauling services.


Rogers Construction Co

1700 W. Prairie St., Creston IA 50801

Rogers Construction employs highly skilled demolition contractors for all our excavation, demolition, and tiling services. We utilize high-grade technology to perform precise and thorough project completions. 

H. Johnson Services, LLC logo

H. Johnson Services, LLC

615 N Chestnut St, Creston IA 50801

Serving Creston, IA and nearby areas, H. Johnson Services LLC is proud to offer premier tree clearing, road building, demolition, and debris removal services to residential and commercial customers.

Demolition Tips for Arispe, IA

Demolition Tips

What qualifications should a demolition contractor have?

No matter what demolition project you're facing, a contractor must have the appropriate local and state licensing in order to perform the demolition work. Hiring an unlicensed contractor could result in an unsafe work environment, removal of your project without warning or compensation, and/or hefty fines. Licensing requirements for contractors are different from one state to the next, while other states leave licensing completely up to local levels. Make sure you know your area's licensing requirements to be sure you hire a qualified professional.


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