Concrete Demolition in Westwood, CA

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Turner Excavating Inc

3746 Big Springs Rd, Westwood CA 96137

You can rely on Turner Excavating, Inc. to provide you with the absolute best in services when you need them. Their services include demolition, septic system installation, site preparation, grading, new construction, excavating, trucking, snow removal, and more.

Concrete Removal Tips for Westwood, CA

Concrete Removal Tips

Many homeowners are tempted to try tackling concrete removal themselves, but breaking up concrete can be dangerous, backbreaking work. Hiring a professional to remove your concrete is the safest and most efficient way to go. They will be able to use powerful equipment to effectively remove the concrete in minimal time. Plus, if you plan on pouring new concrete, handling the demolition yourself could end up costing you more in disposal fees. Our concrete removal guide will help you determine which route is best for you—doing it yourself or hiring a contractor.