Residential Demolition in Cotter, AR

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Twin Lakes Junk Removal And Excavation

Cotter, AR

Twin Lakes Junk Removal and Excavation is proud to offer demolition, excavation, and junk removal services to Mountain Home and surrounding areas. Our team is adept at clearing away the old and making way for the new, whatever that may... more


Davolts Demolition

Harrison, AR

Davolts Demolition is equipped and ready to handle a wide variety of projects, including fence removal, mobile home demolition, shed demolition, and more. Our team takes pride in providing superior customer service to residential and commercial clients. more


Johnston Construction & Excavating

Theodosia, MO

Serving Gainesville, Missouri and surrounding areas, Johnston Construction & Excavating is highly experienced in residential demolition, excavating, and construction services. We are focused on our customers' needs and completing the job safely. more

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Cotter, AR

Fence & Deck Demolition Tips

Should I DIY fence or deck removal to save money?

If possible, you can save a bit of money by deconstructing some of the deck or fence yourself, then hiring a contractor to do the tougher work, like remove cement footings and heavy posts. Depending on your level of confidence, you can remove the wooden—or easier to remove—material yourself, like rails, stairs, and deck boards, and have a contractor help you remove the cement footings.

Learn more: Light Demolition Cost Guide: How Much It Costs to Remove a Shed, Deck, or Fence from Your Property