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Pool Busters LLC logo

Pool Busters LLC

(32) -
Grand Rapids, MI
  • Pool Removal Specialists
  • Family owned and operated
  • Serving all of Michigan

Pool Busters is a family-owned business that specializes in swimming pool removal. If you are tired of dealing with a pool that is in a constant state of repair, we can help! We are the pool removal experts that work... more

Pater Bobcat Service, Inc. logo

Pater Bobcat Service, Inc.

(5) -
Grandville, MI

Since 1999, Pater Bobcat Service has been serving all of Michigan’s residents in a variety of ways. They accept residential or commercial jobs, and can assist in concrete and asphalt removal, pool demolition, trenching, rough and final grades, and more. more

Dumpster Divers LLC logo

Dumpster Divers LLC

Wyoming, MI

Dumpster Divers LLC is a small demolition, dumpster rental, and junk removal company in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area. Our team can tear down small structures like barns, sheds, garages, decks, and fences, while also offering all types of... more


J & R Trucking & Septic Systems Inc

Jenison, MI

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan area, J & R Trucking & Septic Systems Inc understands what it takes to complete projects both big and small. Our team is highly adaptable and able to accomplish whatever you throw at us, from concrete removal... more

S2 Services & Rent-a-Bin Michigan logo

S2 Services & Rent-a-Bin Michigan

(1) -
Holland, MI

S2 Services & Rent-a-Bin Michigan is West Michigan's go-to source for residential demolition, dumpster rental, and junk removal services. Our services include house and garage demolition, concrete removal, interior demolition, and everything in between. The crew at S2 is committed to... more


Constructors Incorporated

Grand Rapids, MI

Constructors Incorporated has been providing the greater Grand Rapids, MI area with expert and affordable demolition services since 1986. Our wide range of services offered includes residential demolition, commercial demolition, interior demolition, concrete removal, and more! more

Black Barn Dumpsters logo

Black Barn Dumpsters

Grand Rapids, MI

Black Barn Dumpsters offers residential friendly dumpster rentals in Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas. With a background in construction, our owner also provides both commercial and residential junk removal, interior demolition, shed demolition, deck removal, and more. more

Kent Excavating logo

Kent Excavating

Casnovia, MI

Down-to-earth and easy to work with, Kent Excavating serves Casnovia, MI and the greater Grant Rapids area. We offer expert demolition services and are capable of wide range of projects, including house demo, commercial wrecking, concrete removal and swimming pool... more


R&R Enterprises

Jacksonville, FL

R&R Enterprises is the top choice in Jacksonville, FL for light demolition services. Our crew can quickly and safely complete all types of different projects, like interior demolition, concrete removal, shed demo, fence removal, and more. Reach out today... more

Affordable Excavating Inc logo

Affordable Excavating Inc

(16) -
Grand Rapids, MI

Affordable Excavating is a professional and affordable West Michigan demolition contractor. We tear down and remove homes, garages, concrete, pools, and more. We also provide a variety of excavation services like site clearing, grading, and backfill.  more


Hap Hoekwater & Sons Inc

Jenison, MI

Hap Hoekwater & Sons, Inc is an excavating and demolition company dedicated to serving the residential and small commercial site work needs of the West Michigan area. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we can solve your toughest site... more


Specialized Demolition Inc

Hamilton, MI

Licensed and insured, Specialized Demolition, Inc. has been serving Hamilton and the greater Allegan, MI area since 2001. They specialize in all things demolition and excavating, and they also perform cleanup services, asbestos removal, and more. more


Richards Septic Tank Service & Excavating

Greenville, MI

With over 55 years of experience, Richards Septic Tank Service & Excavating has been a trusted source for all of Greenville, Michigan's septic system needs. Our experienced and dynamic team is able to accomplish a variety of jobs, including residential demolition, septic... more


Cutting Edge Excavating

Hudsonville, MI

Cutting Edge Excavating is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the commercial and residential needs of the Grand Rapids area for over 25 years. We are an excavation company specializing in demolition, dozing, hauling, and so much more.  more


Building Impressions Unlimited

(1) -
Cedar Springs, MI

Building Impressions Unlimited is located in Cedar Springs, Michigan and proudly serves surrounding communities. They offer exterior work like roofing, siding, windows, and fencing; and interior services like flooring, insulation, and remodels, to name a few! more

Demolition Tips for Grand Rapids, MI

Tips for Grand Rapids, MI Demolition

Does my demolition project need a permit?

In order to demolish a residential building or structure within the city of Grand Rapids, you will need to apply for a demolition permit to make sure your work will meet community standards as defined in the Grand Rapids City Code and the Michigan Building Code.


If you plan on demolishing only part of a structure, your project will need a building permit, either a residential building permit or a commercial building permit.

What is included in demolition costs?

When it comes to demolition, prices vary a great deal for a number of reasons, like:

  • Type of demolition project
  • Debris/materials being demolished
  • Where you live
  • How accessible the project is for large equipment (if needed)
  • The contractor you hire

Because of this, we think it's important to understand what a fair price looks like but also what is included in the average cost; because sometimes a low cost is low because it covers the bare minimum, and not everybody wants that.


Below are examples of what real customers have paid for their demolition projects in Grand Rapids, MI:


Grand Rapids, MI Demolition Project Cost
Concrete Removal (160 sq ft) $450
Pool Removal (inground, cement) $3,500
House Demolition (1,700 sq ft) $6,000