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Roach Construction

214 E Walnut St, Genesee ID 83832

Roach Construction is a premier demolition, excavation, and removal company proudly serving the Genesee, ID community. We’re committed to effective workmanship, lasting results, and affordable services. 


M.L. Albright & Sons, Inc.

6182 Lapwai Rd, Lewiston ID 83501

M.L. Albright & Sons, Inc. is a local demolition and excavating contractor servicing the Lewiston, ID area. Our experienced and dynamic team is able to accomplish a variety of demolition jobs, big or small. 

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How much does interior demolition cost?

On average, interior demolition costs around $4,000, but it can cost anywhere from $500-$12,000. The size and complexity of the project, whether or not plumbing or electrical work is involved, whether or not load-bearing walls will be moved, and whether or not hazardous materials, like asbestos, are present will affect the overall cost.


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